Dear Friend,

 Thank you for your interest to learn about our “Adoption Tax Credit” petition.  Anyone that believes in a ‘home’ as the best environment for the overall development of a child can sign this petition.  We are convinced about the argument of the petition and we are also sure that you’ll agree with us when you read it.

 We hope to collect at least 100,000 signatures by end of October of 2007.  In the month of November (Adoption awareness month), if necessary, this petition will be scientifically validated and carried on a bicycle rally through major cities (beginning from Chennai-Bangalore-Hyderabad-Nagpur-Agra-New Delhi) to garner grassroots’ support for this petition to the capital of India (New Delhi) before submission.     

 We know that apart from your support if we could make an advocate out of our supporters, this petition has a better chance to succeed.  You’re not obligated, but if you believe in this petition, you can do the following: 

 If you have a web site (personal/ organizational/ business), you can give a link to this petition in its home page. Here is the web address to give a link:
• Send an email to your friends to ask them to sign and support this petition.
• Discuss about this petition on your personal blog.
• Send a message to your list serve group (such as Yahoo or Google group) to support the petition.
• If you’re in a position of power, help spread the message of this petition throughout your organization.
• Write to the media outlets to get the much needed attention for this petition.
• Initiate a debate among your family members, friends and coworkers on this topic.
• Join in the bicycle rally in November of 2007 (details will be made available to you at a later date) to generate interest at the grassroots level.
• Send an email to all the petition addressees to explain in your own words about the argument of the petition.
1. Smt. Renuka Chowdary, Minister of State for Women & Child Development.
2. Ms. Deepa Jain Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Child & Women Development
3. Shri. Joseph Mathew, Additional economic advisor, Economic Division, Ministry of finance
4. Smt. Anuradha Prasad, Director of Budget, Budget Division, Ministry of Finance,
5. Shri. J.K. Mittal, Chairman, Central Adoption Resource Agency – CARA
• Last but not the least, let us know of your efforts to promote this petition and how we can be of further assistance at